We believe in confident and endless happy days in your Sunshine State Swimwear suit! 


The owner and founder of Sunshine State Swimwear, Henriette, moved to The Sunshine State, Florida in 2016. With only one bikini with her, she started searching for the perfect bikini - comfy, cool details, a fun print and affordable. Turned out to be almost impossible - either the quality was bad, a set ended up being too expensive, the shipping took forever and so forth. Sounds familiar? With Sunshine State Swimwear those days are over! Our Bikinis allows you to feel confident and carefree in your own skin without emptying your wallet! And even better? You get the bikini within days!"


Henriette believes in body positivity and wants all of her customers to be comfortable in their own skin, even in a bikini. With the business growing people from all over the world started sharing their stories about how they finally felt comfortable rocking a bikini and became proud of their body and everything it does. That is why we started our inspirational ambassador program so we can share all of the inspirational stories with all of our amazing followers. 


We have beautiful ambassadors all over the states and even in other countries so we can spread the word to every Sunshine Girl out there! Our mission is to spread happiness and make everyone feel confident and carefree in their swimwear. 


We think everyone deserves a comfy, affordable and cute bikini! Why?

Because life is better in a bikini!


And guess what girl?

You can totally rock that bikini!