Gabby Jean is one of our Sunshine Girls and she looks stunning in our suits!
We truly love having Gabby on our team and you will see her in a lot of our products in the future.
Therefore we asked her some questions, so you can get to know her better. 
How old are you?
I am 20 years old
Where are you from?
Dublin, Ohio
Describe yourself with 3 words?
Ful-loving, outgoing and goofy
Favorite Sunshine State Bikini?
The Floral Bikini! Love the braided back!
It is quite obvious that you have the perfect beach body! But what do you do to maintain it?
I work out everyday and eat clean! 
When you're not in a bikini what is your go-to outfit?
High wasted shorts and a crop top!
Any secret beauty tips?
Take care of your body and remember if you're not happy about the way you look you can always change it with hard work and dedication!
3 things you can't go to the beach without?
Sunglasses, tanning lotion and a speaker! The beach just isn't the same without some jam